Quality Policy


SUCCESSKeys.GR aims at providing quality and added value services to constantly increase the number of our benefited and satisfied customers.


We recognize the need for continuous improvement, especially within an adverse socioeconomic and highly competitive environment. Thus, through its legal representative Ioannis N. Gousgounis, SUCCESSKeys.GR is committed to making every possible effort to fulfill the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 international standard by:


  • Delivering services in line with the requirements and needs of our customers and with any other applicable requirements.

  • Setting measurable quality objectives (qualitative and/or quantitative) in order to monitor and control the effectiveness of the Quality Management System (QMS) and increase the satisfaction of our clients. 

  • Maintaining a high communication level with our clients, suppliers and business partners, and constantly cultivating good relations with current and potential clients.

  • Taking all possible client complaints into serious consideration, and designing efficient corrective and preventive actions in a timely manner.

  • Considering and managing risks which are likely to have a negative impact on the compliance of our products and services, and on the satisfaction of our clients.

  • Recognizing and seizing opportunities which might contribute to the continual improvement of the QMS effectiveness and to the satisfaction of our clients.


Last update: October 8th, 2019


Legal representative

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