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At SUCCESSKeys.GR we treat your personal data with great care and attention.

Which personal data we collect

Depending on the processing purpose, the personal data collected by us is:

  • Name and surname

  • Phone number and/or mobile

  • Email address

  • Postal Address

  • Tax number

What is the purpose(s) of processing?

The information we collect may be necessary for one or more of the following purposes:

  • To know who we are dealing with (i.e. for our own security) when you reach out to us and show interest in our services.

  • To be able to contact you.

  • To provide services to our clients (e.g. consulting services in recruitment).

  • To send financial offers and sign business contracts.

  • To answer any queries or information about our services (as and when requested by data subjects).

  • To have mail delivered by post or courier.

How is the data collected? - Lawfulness of processing

For specific processing purpose(s), we ask for your consent by using a special form or simple email. The consent also includes the personal data we need in the context of this processing purpose(s).

In other cases we collect your personal data for the performance of a contract to which you are a party (as a customer, supplier or external partner).

In the context of our recruiting consulting services we place job advertisements on behalf of our clients and we collect relevant personal data from the job candidates.

By sharing your business card details and/or by providing your personal data through our website or through other forms, we consider that you provide your consent so that we can contact you for business purposes.

You can withdraw your consent at any time by sending a simple email, if you do not wish your personal data to be processed further by our company. See contact details below (paragraph: Exercise of rights of data subjects).


​We do not place cookies (or similar hidden technologies in our website) which collect personal data of our visitors.


WIX, the owner of the platform, may be placing cookies or other similar technologies. Therefore, we encourage our visitors to also read the privacy policy of WIX (WIX privacy policy). 

According to WIX, they place the following cookies (which however do not collect personal data from our visitors, i.e. from you) in websites built at their platform :

1.First-Party Cookies   

Strictly Necessary-Cookie name    


  • ForceFlashSite

  • hs

  • smSession


Functionality​-Cookie name


  • svSession

  • RequestID

  • SSR-caching

  • smSession

2. Third-Party Cookies


Functionality​-Cookie name

  • TS*

  • TS01*******

  • TSxxxxxxxx (where x is replaced with a random series of numbers and letters)

  • TSxxxxxxxx_d (where x is replaced with a random series of numbers and letters)

If you however wish to clear your browsing data (such as cookies) after visiting our website (or any website) you may:


  • If you are using Google Chrome) go to the main menu and choose 'More tools' --> 'Clear browsing data' --> 'Cookies and other site data' --> 'Clear data'.

  • If you are using Microsoft Edge, go to More three-dot More icon> Settings, then under 'Clear browsing data', select 'Choose what to clear' and finally select the 'Cookies and saved website data' check box and select 'Clear'.

  • If you are using Internet Explorer you may for example go to the small gear icon (see top right corner), select 'Safety' and 'Delete  browsing history', check the box 'Cookies' and press 'Delete'.


Please remember that we have no control over the various browsers. As a result we accept no responsibility if any of the mentioned browsers change the way or path they guide their users to delete or block cookies. We strongly recommend that you obtain regular information from reliable sources regarding actual possibilities to delete or block cookies.


Additional information

  • We do not collect the personal data of children.

  • We do not make decisions based on automated processing of personal data.

  • We place advertisements in google ads but we do not collect personal data of our site's visitors through this activity.

Who collects the personal data and who is the data controller?

Your personal data is collected by our organization (the controller). 

The information we normally collect depends on the processing purpose, while we collect the least possible personal data essential for the particular purpose.

For your own interest and good service from our end, please inform us without delay of any changes made to the personal data you have provided to our organization.

Data retention

We retain your personal data for 3 years (unless otherwise specified or agreed with the data subjects concerned) and then we delete it from our systems (and/or physically destroy it).

Disclosure to third parties and transfers of personal data to third countries or international organisations

We eventually share your personal data with: 


a)Our external partners for communication purpose(s) with you regarding the provision of our services 

b)External partners of our organization for creating certificates of completion of our training courses that include the names of the participants (upon request from our customers),

c)Companies providing postal/courier services

d)Our legal advisor

e)Our tax advisor

We do not transfer your personal data to other countries (outside the EU) without your consent (unless this is not required by the GDPR).

Measures to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of personal data

For the security of your personal data, we take the necessary technical and organisational measures, and implement relevant controls.

These include techniques such as minimizing personal data, pseudonymisation and encryption.

Exercise of rights of data subjects

As a data subject, you have the option to exercise any of your following rights as applicable to the type of processing of your personal data by our business (see General Data Protection Regulation), at any time:

  •  Right to be informed (Articles 13,14)

  •  Right of access by the data subject (Article 15)

  •  Right to rectification (Article 16)

  •  Right to erasure (right to be forgotten) (Article 17)

  •  Right to restriction of  processing (Article 18)​

  •  Right to be informed about personal data recipients (Article 19)

  •  Right to data portability (Article 20)

  •  Right to object (Article 21)

  •  Right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing, including profiling (Article 22)


For your convenience, you can exercise any of these rights by sending an email with your request, mentioning the subject, your name and your phone number at work.


Contact details:


SUCCESSKeys.GR (business name, controller)


Phone: +306944141114

10, Inois str.

GR - Athens 16674


Objectives of this policy

• To protect the data subjects from any risks and their consequences that may arise due to information leakage and/or to alteration or destruction of their personal data, for as long as the data is processed by the company.

• To comply with the requirements of the new General Date Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)


This Privacy Policy is reviewed at regular intervals depending, among others, on changes that may occur in the processing of personal data. These changes may be due, for example, to changes in the company's activities.


In any case, if you believe that your personal data (and/or your rights) is violated in any way or if you are not satisfied with the reasoning of the response you will receive about accepting or rejecting your relevant request (or requests), you may submit your complaint to the Personal Data Protection Authority (

Last update: March 14th, 2020

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